Monday, January 18, 2010

Day Eleven: Journal of Infinite Testimony on Pavlov's Dog Bites The Hand That Feeds

The dog sits and waits patiently for the master to return. The master brings a bag of food for which he will feast upon. The food is poured into the bowl as the bell is rung. The moment after it rings he starts chomping bit by bit into the hard-grained dog food. He takes a drink of water. Eats some more. He drinks water then walks over to a blanket on the floor. He turns in three circles and collapses onto the blanket. Lets out a big sigh. Closes his eyes and then falls asleep.

The master turns the lights out and goes outside onto the porch to smoke a cigarette. He loses himself in deep thought. His thoughts concern the ringing of the bell and the reward of food to the dog. He knows that every time he rings the bell; the dog will know it is about to eat. The moment after it is rung he puts the food into the dish and the dog eats. Drinks water from the bowl. Walks over to the blanket. Turns in three circles and then collapses onto the blanket. Lets out a big sigh. Closes his eyes and then falls asleep. He only gets up to eat and then goes back to sleep.

The master turns the light off and leaves to get more groceries at the local grocery store. He lights up a cigarette while he walks. The wind blows. He gets lost in thought about the bell ringing and the dog eating and how he turns off the light and smokes a cigarette then walks to the grocery store. On the way to the grocery store, a bell rings from a nearby streetcar. This causes him to become hungry. He rolls a cigarette and smokes it. Luckily he also has an apple in his pocket and he starts to munch on it. This cures his appetite.

He goes into the store and looks through all of the aisles at the wonderful food. He has a certain amount of money which leaves him to many possibilities of buying whatever it is that he would like to. He remembers to buy plenty of vegetables and fruits because they are good for his stomach and digestion. He also buys a bag of tobacco to roll up cigarettes. He walks out of the door of the grocery store and a bell rings. He stops and rolls a cigarette and smokes it while walking.

He arrives at home puts the groceries away. The phone rings. He rolls a cigarette. The dog is hungry. The bell is rung. The dog attacks the master and bites his hand almost all of the ways off. The man grabs a shotgun out of a filing cabinet and shoots the dog. He picks up his hand and slowly stitches it back together. The front door rings. He rolls a cigarette. Takes a pencil and writes on the wall the number 7.

The doorbell rings again. He lights up the cigarette and answers the door.