Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day Eighteen: Journal of Infinite Testimony on You Can't See The Open From A Closed Casket

The dollar is going to tank this year because of hyperinflation. All of the people on these contracts are going to be pissed when they see what Voltaire has said: Fiat currency goes back to its intrinsic value Zero. This is the time of the balancing of the scales. Banks created money from thin air because that's where it comes from when it is fiat currency, Wall Street people messed around with it and made bad gambles then asked the government for bailout and the markets of everything completely skyrocketed because we are now an Import Country ; We don't create anything worth anything anymore besides weapons and war and now people are waking up to the realization that weapons and war are not ever going to bring this country peace. The dead will bury the dead, life is for the living. Love never devalues especially when it is given away for free; it creates more value the more it is freely given. The more it is given the more it is received. The more it is received the more it's value increases.

If we bring love into the equation of all economics, all connections, and everything then we no longer are beggars begging for change. We are that change. We are self-sovereign individuals who were born into the world we agreed to be born into. Our name was hijacked from us, our original face was hijacked, our true identity was replaced with a false one called social security which is not very secure these days. All of these things are meaningless in a world where you are told what to do with what is called your free will because if it were really that free there would be no question of it being given or being taken or being allowed or not being allowed.

Morality is false when it is taught to you from places of a condition. Morality is an inner knowing you were born with just like love. You know not to kill someone already. You know violence begets violence. You know the suffering of another because you know your own suffering. You make direct contact with your real morality. You know God already as you were born from The Universe known as God.

There is no split in the genders, in the colors of your authentic nature. These things are not learned, they are only remembered but if you are blind then you only have to open your eyes to see. You have always been free, will always be free. No one is watching you except yourself watching yourself. You keep yourself in the line to go to the butcher. You can opt out at any moment if it is not where you want to go. Where you don't want to go and where you want to go are the same place. It just depends on if you want to exist while you get there by already being there. Being here now will always be the key that opens all the doors because the doors are already open. Just choose which one to walk through or one will be chosen for you if you don't make up your mind.

The government is only you controlling your own mind and allowing the outside to comply with your wishes. You become nothing and you see everything. You try and be everything and you walk away with nothing. You can't please a person who doesn't want to be pleased. You can't heal a person who doesn't want to be healed. You can't trust a person who doesn't want to be trusted. You can't deceive a person who doesn't want to be deceived. You can't receive a person who doesn't want to be received.

Anyone can only receive the same that they have given. This is why unconditional love is the currency of the universe. Unconditional love is not dependent on anything. Giving and Receiving becomes the same moment in unconditional love. If it is the foundation then the house stands. If it is just cards it falls. The salt can be taken out of the dead sea with a desalination machine and everyone will come from the desert for miles to have a drink but only if they are thirsty. You can lead them to the water but not make them drink it. A glass of water is the truth. It is transparent. You can see right through it. The truth that is in the open is the last place anyone will look.

You can't see in the open from a closed casket. You can't see from one pointed focus from all the points of distraction. You can't see your original face if you never take off the mask. Your identity indefinitely will definitely always define you if you never let it go. It won't matter what I say if you try to stay it will always say go go go. There's also a reason why dog is god backward. A dog is obedient until it realizes it is its own master.

The slaves built all of the great civilizations for kings and queens to rule. Those same rulers of empires threw scraps of bones for slaves who were too hungry to drool. The poles only reverse when the gift is seen as a curse. If the gift is never given the nurse becomes a host. The needle becomes the arrow. The arrow becomes a sleeve. The heart is the only thing that matters unless it is stuck up inside of a tree. The disease won't be found if you look at only the leaves. You have to go to the root of the problem and hack it at the knees. If it can't walk it can't multiply. If it can't talk it can't indemnify. If it can't think it will never find a reason. If it relies only on nation it will be held for treason. If it only sees race it will never make it to the finish. If it only knows creed it's strength will diminish. Rome fell backward because it replaced a with e in amor.

That is how all empires fall still to this day. That is how they always will. A mouth and an ear are a two-way street. An argument is a waste of time it only shows how much you really don't know. If you know you don't know then you know. Monkeys throw shit at crowds who try and feed them bananas.
The fool is the only one who is really trustworthy because he is the only one laughing at the jokes.

He is the only one who knows how to jump off of a cliff and fly away.

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