Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Fourteen: Journal of Infinite Testimony on Found On The Island and The Torch Is Passed After The Sea, Lost and Found.

The man hands over the torch to me and tells me that it is my turn to walk into the darkness. The captain and I trade glances for a moment and he gives me a subtle little nod to keep going. After all, we endured such a strenuous journey across the sea of treachery and when we thought that it was all over we crashed landed right onto an island. The captain gets back on the ship, sets the sails and continues on.

The man disappears into the night and I notice that even without a torch he still has a light on. After they leave me with a torch in hand I walk on without a second thought. The sand becomes more and more secure as I walk away from the water, the beach, the captain, the torch bearer. I approach a big staircase with a giant wall on all sides. I wonder for a moment if I should try and walk around the wall or walk up the stairs to see where they go.

I decide to walk up the stairs. I reflect on many times in my life trying to go around what seems like an obstacle in my mind. Why not do the obvious thing this time. I feel in my gut that this is the right thing to do. I tell you everything even though it probably doesn't matter to you whether or not you hear it. It probably doesn't matter what you think about it. You still say nothing back. It's already been said. I take each step slowly and securely. I walk all night without stopping. Up and up and up many, many stairs. Nothing but the same slabs of wall all around me as I walk on forever into the night.

I get to the top and it is pointed. Much like the top of a pyramid. The steps get smaller and smaller until I am finally at the tip of the point. There is light all around me. It's not just one colored light. It's not just yellow, orange, green, blue nor white. It is then that I realize this is the top of the point. This is where it is quieter than quiet. Where it's more serene than serenity. Where all things become more focused than focus.

This is where everyone wants to be. This is where everyone is. One pointed focus. One channel. One place. One space. Seemingly multi-dimensional. Seemingly complicated. Seemingly confusing. Seemingly. That is the thing about the illusion. It's an illusion in and of itself. I know that this is not the end. This is not the only space to exist in. This is not the only place to exist in. There's more to this than clouds, weather patterns, changes, re-arranges, re-writes, characterizations, religions, creeds, nations, treaties.

This is the now. This moment, this moment, this moment and this moment and this moment and this moment and this one. This one. This. All of them endlessly moving. Endlessly churning. Endlessly learning. Endlessly this. I then turn to light and then slowly disappear into the vast infinite night.

Losing all forms. Losing all states.

Evaporating endlessly. Endlessly me. Endlessly free.

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