Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Twelve: Journal of Infinite Testimony on How When You Die In Your Dreams You Really Don't Die In Real Life

The gunman flies down a lone dirt road through a tropical forest that I don't know. We travel at thralldom's of speed which if you didn't know is faster than anything conceivable. We are beyond weightless-ness, timelessness and spacelessness but this is still some heavy shit happening.

There's a baby sitting in the passenger seat screaming it's lungs out. To the right of me, in the backseat is a man bound and gagged. I am just sitting here watching it happen. I can see a part of the face of the man driving in the rear view mirror. I also see his mouth frothing like a rabid wolfhound.

The adrenaline, the speed and the intensity are a catalyst for this moment. We cross a bridge into a small abandoned town. Not one person is around. It's like that typical western scene with dust blowing everywhere. Tumbleweeds and all. The silence of ghosts past all searching for fools gold.

We pull off into a small road on the side between two old buildings all boarded up. He puts the car in park then takes a moment to gather his composure. After doing so, he goes into a manic frantic temper tantrum. He picks up the baby in one hand and points the gun at it with the other. He then looks at me and asks me if it should live. I say of course it should.

What did it ever do to you? He becomes infuriated and instead points the gun at me. Breathes in deeply and fires the trigger. I see the slow motion. The bullet leaving the gun. Slowing down. Every millisecond revealing itself. I see the blue matrix inside the center of my head. I see consciousness. I see unlimited potentiality. I see infinite space. I hear the last echo. I feel myself leaving. I know none of this is me. It's just an image of myself. It's an expression of the infinite.

I say goodbye, farewell and wake up born a new.

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