Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Thirteen: Journal of Infinite Testimony on Dreams of Dreaming Dreams.

I am starlight from all the galaxies. All the stars. All quasars, quarks and names. I am slowly burning out across the void. Slow fire. I am transformed into a holographic classroom of the future.

Everything is crystal nanotechnology. Everyone sits in the air in the lotus position. There are no such things as desks, chairs, stairs or surfaces. Everything floats. Everything is open space and cylindrical for starters. Then everything is imagination projection. Everything is shapeshifted. Everything is infinite multi-dimensionality. Everything arrives and departs at the same time but actually never left and never went anywhere. It just gave you the illusion that it did. It just sends itself a copy of itself to do whatever holographic work that it feels that it needs to do in whatever time period it feels that it needs to do it in. It can copy itself infinitely. It knows that it exists anywhere, somewhere, everywhere and nowhere. I am told that I don't take it seriously nor do I know how to have fun with it. I neither do anything nor do I do everything at the same time. I am told that this goes against the laws that I have agreed to when I had become more than just an idea of myself.

This still leaves me wondering; who did I agree with before I incarnated here. A question that seems to be left unanswered. So here I sit on a planet called Earth. With it's silly people and it's silly rules and all of it's people fighting for and against everything. Here I am in the middle of it all still wondering the same questions.

Who brought me here?

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