Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Eight: Journal of Infinite Testimony on Going Up Up Up and Going Down Down Down

You move from one location to another location, to another location, to another location. You walk here to there from there to here and back to there again. Your up, your down, you're all around. One minute lost in the air and the next crashing to the ground. You fly towards the sun, you fall back down to the earth, you fly to the moon, you fall back down to the earth again. You jump into the ocean. You swim onto the beach. You jump into the ocean again. You swim to the bottom. Gasping for air. Holding it all in to see what is down there at the bottom. You swim back up to the surface again.

You sit still in a room and everything is moving. You move all over the place and everything seems like it has never moved. You look out one window in one city. You look out another window in another city. You meet this person. You meet that person. That person meets a person who knows the other person you just met and that person knows a person you have always known. That known person knows another person who knows another person who is a doctor. That doctor knows a nurse. That nurse knows a millionaire. That millionaire knows a security guard who knows someone who works in a coffee shop who sells coffee to someone who plays guitar in a band who used to play music with someone else that you used to know. This thought leads to this emotion as this emotion leads to this action. This action leads to this opportunity. This opportunity leads to this place as this place leads you to this person who present another opportunity that leads you to another opportunity. That leads you to another place that leads you to another person that leads you to another place that leads you to another opportunity.

You jump back into the ocean and swim to the bottom. You see a light. You grab onto it. It brings you through a cave. The cave shows you an ancient city. The ancient city still has people there. They never left. It is the old civilization. It is Atlantis. No one knows your name but they remember your face. You remember their faces. It is a beautiful place. They bring you under the ground of the bottom of the ocean and there is yet another civilization, more ancient than the one that you have just met. They teach you about all of the times you have incarnated down here and have gone to the surface only to come right back to the origins again. They teach you all points of time, no points of time, folding space and time together. Implosions. Explosions. No-plosions.

There are a few still who have incarnated who want to know the truth about everything. How everything is interlinked even the most absurd things are interlinked. The future is the past, the past is the present the present is the future and the past and the present. The one consciousness that you are cannot be created nor destroyed. The story never ends, never began and is now happening.

Below the Atlantic and below the Pacific's is yet another civilization. They don't speak. They have no use for tongues but under there you can hear the loudest silence ever known to any man.

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