Friday, November 13, 2009

Day Six: Journal of Infinite Testimony on Dreams of Other Worlds At War

In dreams in sleep things happen that go beyond the wildest of imaginations, the wildest of conceptions, the wildest of sweet anythings. This wild imagining took place in Baghdad. I have no clue how I got there or what purpose it was for me to be there. There were children running all over the grass and the palm trees were swaying in the winds. Old women were coming back from the market with bags in each of their hands. Some men were working on their cars in driveways. Others were watering the lawn, getting the mail. It was a calm peaceful, serene day.

I was walking down the street and bumped into Roxanne on the street. We both were very surprised to see each other. I had walked from one direction and she had walked from the opposite and somehow in the middle of the intersection on this fateful day, we had walked to the same exact spot.
This was very interesting because in my living life Roxanne lives in Brooklyn off of Atlantic Avenue where there is a whole different kind of life going on. Where there are gypsy cabs always hailing you for rides over the Manhattan Bridge. Rasta guys selling weed and incense but always incense first. The train at this area is a hybrid of so many stops all coming together only to take back off again in different directions. It's a bleak neighborhood. So here she is. All dressed up in a yellowish white gown, pearls in her hair, diamonds in her eyes. We walk for a little while catching up as if it has been a millennial since the last time we have seen each other. It was like a whole lifetime had passed and we had a lot of catching up to do. It was a very beautiful dream.

The sun was slowly setting. The night time breeze was breathing its air. Then from out of nowhere. Missiles starting to land all around us. Demolishing little kids. Everyone started to panic. Everyone starting running in a million different direction. Kids were hiding behind stone walls. People were running in and out of their homes. Cars were parking and taking off into all kinds of directions. We started running together to find a shelter. Kids were peeling up the grass and hiding underneath it. It started to get kind of crazy the dream. Things that don't normally happen in real life started to happen.

Tanks started flying off the ground. Gravity started going in the other direction. It started to lift everything up towards the sky. We found an underground bunker and went and hid inside. There were other people in here. We made new friends and waited it out. There was a small window in the top of it and I could see out. I watched gravity start to lift everything up. Missiles. Tanks. Guns. Military people. It only lifted the things that were causing the war. It lifted them so high into the sky that there was nothing left other than what had already been there before it happened. Then at some moment, there was a bunch of lights in the sky and everything blew up.

Roxanne and I held each other in the bunker and waited for a moment when we could go back outside. I woke back up on the living room floor in San Francisco. It was interesting to have been in one place somewhere else and then wake up into another place all in a few moments time.
This leads me to wonder if dreams are real and if we experience multi-dimensional experiences at the same exact time. Do I have other me's that live according to what those wishes are to those other parts of my psyche and self and after they have their experiences both past, present and future? Do they return otherworldly information to me that benefits my growth and acceleration in the current present awakened life I have chosen to live?

These experiences bring up a lot of questions about reality, dreams, other times and places and experiences. Are there many other parts of me functioning to serve other purposes? These lucid dreams have been happening to me ever since I was a child. Sometimes, I write them down and other times I just ignore them and don't care about what they are about or where they have taken place. Other times I wonder if it is just my brain taking all of the different information that I have read, experienced, conversations about different topics with different people piecing all of them together to make a story that I can follow in dreams so I have a story to tell in an awakened state.

It seems my city will not be ravaged anymore in either state. This city has been unearthed.

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