Friday, November 20, 2009

Day Nine: Journal of Infinite Testimony on Seeds, Sprouts, Trees, Moneys

A seed falls from the sky into the fresh soil that has toiled. It sits there as the sun gives it sunshine. The clouds come in and it starts to rain. Pools of water start to collect in the soil and the seed starts drowning in it. The seed starts falling under the soil as the water penetrates it and opens it up. As the water crashes onto the soil it covers the seed. The seed is buried inside of the soil. It stops raining. The night comes. The seed sits under the soil and rests with the moon. The wind blows. The sun comes up over the horizon and gives its light. The seed feels its warmth under the blanket of the soil.

Then suddenly the seed starts to open little by little as a sprout slowly pushes its way out of the hard shell. The soft sprout keeps pushing as the seed gives birth to something new. Something it never knew it had inside of itself. The sprout pushes harder and harder. The clouds come in and rain on the soil and give it water. The sprout drinks. The moon comes. The winds blow. The morning comes again. The sun warms the blanket of soil. The sprout pushes out again. The seeds shell breaks. The soil moves. The clouds come in and it rains soaking the sprout. The sprout drinks and grows bigger. The sun shines and warms the soil. The sprout pushes itself out of the soil so it can see the sun. The moon comes out. It sits silently. The wind blows. The sun comes up and warms the sprout that is starting to grow into a plant. Limbs start appearing. Green tender limbs.

The clouds come and it rains. The plant drinks. The plant turns greener and greener. The moon comes out. The wind blows. The plant grow more and more. The sun comes up and warms the plant. The clouds come in and it rains. The rain falls to the ground and collects in puddles. The plant drinks the water. The winds blow. The moon comes up. The plant grows into a small tree. The small tree sits silently. The sun comes up and warms the tree. The tree grows bigger. Leaves appear. People come in and clear out other trees next to it. The sun comes. The clouds come and it rains. The tree drinks. The moon comes. The tree stands in silence. The winds blow. The sun comes up. Homes are built. Grass is grown. Driveways are poured. Mail is delivered. The lawn is mowed. The tree has grown much bigger. The sun has given it warmth. The rain has given it a drink each day. The moon has shown it silence. The winds have blown to give it air. The sun comes up again.

The people eat breakfast as the sun comes up and gives it warmth. The tree grows more. The sun shines as the kids run around on the grass in the yard. The leaves fall. The kids go inside and are tired. The moon comes up. The tree silently blows in the wind. The home turns into many houses. The people grow into many people and families. The mailman delivers so much mail now that is from the trees. The tree grows. The rain falls. The wind blows violently. The leaves fall. The people make a city. Everyone is bustling here and there and everywhere. Everything is cement. The tree is alone. People walk by. People drive by. The mailmen are delivering bucket loads of mail that have come from the trees. The moon comes out. The tree grows bigger and bigger and bigger. The city grows bigger and bigger and bigger. The people need more and more and more and more.

The cars drive and drive and drive. The buildings grow so big that the sunshine doesn't shine in as much anymore. The leaves fall. People fall in love. People work. People drink coffee. Trains go back and forth on the tracks. Neighborhoods burn down. Neighborhoods are built. Everyone is busy. Time flies by. The sun comes up. The buildings block the sun. It rains. The trash falls down in rivers. The people make the city bigger. Computers take over everything. People don't think anymore.

No one knows what to do with anything anymore. People consume. People die. The trees die. They take the tree and make money out of it. People lose connection with nature. City officials fill in the hole where the tree was with cement. The one dollar bill turns into a million dollar bills and then into a trillion dollar bills and then into a gazillion dollar bills.

No one thanks the tree. The tree that plays so much of a role in the lives of everyone in this world.

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