Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day Three: Journal Of Infinite Testimony on Subjects That Subject You To Rethink Your Analysis

Where I am from everyone lives backwards. The ass is in the front and the other genital parts are in the back. This makes making love a very interesting thing to do. Two people must enter from the rear entrance in a very forward like manner. This is enabled by passive aggressively playing a game of battleship; first, to prove who is who. Then, to prove what is what. Then, to prove where is where. Then, to prove why is why. Then, to prove how is how. Then, the captain of the ship is somehow resurrected and if the ship comes back up from sinking and you bring everyone back to life, you are the winner.

Afterwards, you collect a small specimen of semen and vaginal fluids from tubes and deliver them back to both of the organs and then put the tubes back into their packages. Once delivered to the organs a heightened feeling of ecstasy slowly works its way into a slow breath and a slow breath into a soft purr. You work down to a point where you finally open your eyes, unhitch organs, touch skin, kiss slowly, roll around a few times and then end up putting your clothes back on again. You kiss a little bit more. You extract a drink from your mouth back into a glass and end up pouring it back into a bottle that is labelled Merlot. You talk about all kinds of nonsense. You both walk out of the bedroom of where you had just extracted the whole situation as if you had discovered something you may have left behind. After that, you walk out of the house, into a car and drive to a store that sells wine. You bring the bottle back and the man at the counter pays you to put it back onto the shelf. You then get back into the car.

Then you walk backwards from your arrival at home to where you extract a very fine dinner. You put each morsel back onto the plate, then back into the oven and then back into the boxes which they came from. Then you push your chair in. You take the groceries out of the fridge and cabinets and return them back into bags. You open the garage only to find a car hidden inside. You walk into the car and the door slams open for you. You look into the front windshield and back out of the garage; it closes itself. Then you both say hello to each other as if you had just met for the last time.

You drive. Everyone drives backwards. They hit the brakes to go and the accelerator to stop. The traffic cop is always blowing his whistle telling you-you should have entered before you left but he's just as backwards as forwards can be. You drive to the grocery store where you get paid to return everything back onto the shelves of the store. You walk back out of the store empty-handed. You slam your door open and get back into the car and drive backwards out of the parking lot.

You arrive back to work. You finally leave work only to find that your boss has so many finished things for you not to do. You turn your computer on and erase all of the words from the word documents and excel spreadsheets. You un-shred all of your documents. and place them back into folders which then get placed back into filing cabinets. You put coffee back into your coffee cup from your mouth and let it drip back into a machine that fills itself back up. The coffee then gets really hot and turns back to water.

You walk back into the cafeteria where the trash hands you your lunch back into its containers. You then sit back down and put the food back from your mouth back onto the plate and then return it to the kitchen where people put it back into very hot containers that have steam going back to water.

Cups of coffee fall out of your mouth and back into the cup. You extract 2 lumps of sugar, half & half and you return them back to the place they are always sitting in before you had arrived to fill them up. Then you talk about how it is going to be when you get back to the place that you started from and how you will return from that vacation that you have already gone on in some northern part of the country where snow always rises back into the clouds and then the clouds somehow disappear back into the sky and everything turns blue.

Then you sit back down into your cubicle and the computer shows you how to put all of the email messages back to where they immediately disappear without a trace. You then sit for awhile sending messages back to their start and look at pictures of people that you once knew. You get up to go to the bathroom. You walk into the bathroom and extract a wet paper towel from the trash and dry it with your hands, then you put water back into the spout.

You walk over to the urinal and piss ends up going back into your organ and you finally feel full again. You walk back to your cubicle. Your computer turns itself off. Your coat falls back onto your back. Your boss waves for you to leave and you walk down a long hallway and everyone is going back to their cars where the doors open up and you get back inside. A cigarette falls up from the ground and ashes itself back to life, then a very large flame from a very large lighter goes back inside and falls back into the glove compartment.

The radio turns itself on as the key turns the car on itself. Everyone drives out of the driveway and everyone arrives at destinations where they walk back inside of their houses. Their wives kiss them goodbye and they sit together extracting coffee from their mouths as well as scrambled eggs, buttered toast and apples. Then the milk is filled back up. The eggs end up back in the shells. The refrigerator becomes full again. The wives end up walking back up the stairs, the husbands end up putting the shower water back into the spout, along with filling up bottles of shampoo, lathering soap back into the bar. Toothpaste ends up falling back into their mouths, the toothbrush ends up back in the holder and the toothpaste is put back into the tube.

The husband walks back into the bedroom where the wife is covering her naked body back in the bed. The husband takes off his robe and dismounts back into the bed. They both say Good Morning and they go back to looking terrible again.

They close their eyes and roll around for many hours while the Moon comes up and the Sun goes down. Every sense becomes nonsense. Nonsense making sense.

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